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Golf Courses in Bermuda

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Golf is one of the most popular recreational activities in Bermuda, which boasts the most golf courses per square mile of any other country. There are nine golf courses spread out among Bermuda's 20.6 square miles.

This map of Bermuda Golf Courses is set up to give you a close-up look at each course. I've listed them more or less in order from the west end of the island, near the Dockyard (King's Wharf), to St. George's at the far east end. I have also marked the Dockyard, Hamilton, and St. George's, the three cruise terminals in Bermuda.

There are nine golf courses in Bermuda, plus the Bermuda Golf Academy, which has a driving range, sand trap and putting green. Several of the courses are publicly owned, several are privately owned, but many hotels and cruise lines do have access to some of the private courses if you book your tee time through their excursion services.

To see a closeup of a course, just click on the link below the map, or on any of the markers you see on the map, then use the ">" links to zoom in. I also tried to add a little information in the pop-up window for each course.

Note: For now, the Google satellite maps do not exist for zoom levels lower the default level of this map. If you zoom "out" any farther, there will be no map displayed. You may drag the map around to see the other courses, and you may zoom in to see each course in much more detail.

Happy Golfing!

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