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Hamilton, Bermuda

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Hamilton is the Capitol of Bermuda, located in the central section of the island.

Being centrally located, it also acts as a hub for the efficient public transportation system, which includes both busses and ferrys. Residents and tourists alike use the system to make their way to every day activities and tourist attractions. It is not at all unusual to share a bus with commuters and school children, if you happen to be riding at the appropriate time of day.

One of the points marked on the map is the Hog Penny Pub, which is reputed to be the most authentic British Pub in all Bermuda. Just up the street a few feet from the Hog Penny is the Logic Internet Cafe, which I found to be a very pleasant and economical place from which to catch up on e-mail from home. Their prices for internet access were 1/3 that of the shipboard internet cafe.

Hamilton is one of the main cruise port docks for Bermuda, although the more modern, larger ships cannot fit into the harbor. When docked along Front Street, the ships become a temporary high-rise hotel directly across the street from the downtown shopping district.

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