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Map of Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

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This is a departure from my normal Cruise Map style, which usually displays a port, an island, or a track showing the path of a cruise ship. Since so many people talk about Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda, I thought I would add a map for this most popular attraction.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is often included in lists of the best beaches in the world, and rightly so. It is made up of beautiful white and pink sand, with the color coming from the coral reefs just off shore. These reefs protect the beach from the roughest of waves during tropical storms, but the waves here can still present a challenge.

Facilities at the beach include lifeguards, changing rooms, snack bar and rental equipment. The beach can get crowded during busy times, but as you can see from the satellite photo in the map (especially if you zoom on one level), walking a little farther up the beach (to the northeast) from the entrance, quickly thins out the crowd. There are also many trails behind the beach front which lead along the coast to other nearby beaches and coves. They are sometimes used for horseback riding.

Tourists can reach Horseshoe Bay Beach by bus, taxi, or moped. Bermuda has an excellent public transportation system, and Bus Route 7 serves the South Shore Road, including Horseshoe Bay Beach, from Hamilton and the Dockyard. Schedules for the bus routes can be found here.

Either of the Route 7 buses will work from Hamilton, but the Barnes Corner bus route does not serve all the way out to the Dockyard. When cruise ships are in port at the Dockyard, special buses are often dispatched specifically for the run to Horseshoe Bay Beach. The Bermuda buses will drop you at the top of the hill (you can see the long driveway on the map above) and you must walk down to the beach. To catch the bus at the end of your visit, you may either walk back up the hill, or hire a mini-bus for a small fee to take you up.

Enjoy your visit!

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