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Note: Unfortunately, the Google map data for Bermuda is not available for lower zoom levels. This makes it impossible to show all of the island in one picture. You may drag the map around for an overall view. When Google repairs their database to include the lower level zoom data, I will restore the map to its overview configuration. --TPK

Bermuda is an incredibly beautiful island. There are many interesting tourist attractions including golf courses, lighthouses, an aquarium and zoo, and dozens of pink coral sand beaches. I was very fortunate to spend 13 days on the island in the early 90s. It's a great place to visit!

Bermuda is one of the very few cruise ports where ships stay for multiple days, often switching among two or even three ports during the stay.

It is interesting to note that from the satellite picture, all the buildings appear white, despite the island's reputation for being full of pastel colors. This is because fresh water is rare, and all buildings collect rainwater for their own private cistern. The roofs are constructed out of soft limestone or concrete, and painted white.

The main cruise port is in downtown Hamilton, the capitol of Bermuda. It is convenient for shopping and other city activities.

To the west is the Royal Navy Dockyard, which is the only port that can accomodate the largest cruise ships. It is a little less convenient, since the trip to Hamilton takes about an hour by bus. It is a little quicker if you take a ferry across Great Sound.

To the east is St. George's. It is a smaller town, with a unique culture and lots of history.

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