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Jaxport Cruise Terminal, Jacksonville, FL

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Update: February 2009.

Recent reports indicate that the Jacksonville Port Authority has begun planning to build a new cruise terminal on the waterfront of Mayport Village. There is quite a bit of local coverage, including vocal opposition by the residents of Mayport Village itself, a small fishing town founded in 1562.

I've added a new marker to the map which shows the location of the proposed terminal. This information was found in an artists drawing of the new terminal posted to the web site: Save Mayport Village

Probably not the best known Florida cruise port, Jaxport does boast an easier drive from much of the southeastern US.

Points of interest on this map include Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville Municiple Stadium, and Mayport Naval Station, where you can zoom in to see an aircraft carrier and several US Navy Cruisers and Destroyers.

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