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Costa Maya, Mexico

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Costa Maya is one of the newest Cruise Ports in Mexico. Located on the eastern coast of the Yucutan Peninsula, about 120 miles south of Cozumel, it is a natural stop that is often combined with Cozumel or Grand Cayman on the Western Caribbean itinerary. As of this writing, the google satellite data does not show the cruise ship docks.

Just like Cozumel, many of the activities and shore excursions available in Costa Maya are courtesy of the coral reef that runs just off shore of the eastern coast of Mexico. Some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world can be found in this area.

Another very interesting attraction for the area is the abundance of Mayan ruins. Just like their more famous big brother to the north in Tulum, the Chacchoben ruins attract a good number of visitors from among cruise ship passengers. The Chacchoben ruins were only opened to the public in the past few years, having just been excavated within the past decade. Here is a photo I took at the site of a map of the Chacchoben Ruins.

I have included a marker inland to the west that was recorded at the base of one of the pyramid shaped temples at the Chacchoben site. The track marked on the map was the path our tour took to reach the site from the Costa Maya village. These points were recorded with my Garmin GPS V.

To the south of Costa Maya is Mahahual. Once a sleepy fishing village, tourism has boosted the town since the cruise docks opened. Thanks to Radio for providing the GPS coordinate for Mahahual.

As a bonus, I've also marked the GPS confluence location of 19N, 88W. This is the intersection point of the integer degrees of latitude and longitude. An international effort to map and photograph most confluence points on the Earth is documented at the Confluence Project web page. The specific entry for this point can be found here.

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