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Galveston Cruise Terminals, Galveston, Texas

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Galveston is the closest cruise port to the population centers of Dallas and Houston, Texas. A good number of passengers from the central United States also find their way here each year, choosing to drive rather than fly to their cruise port.

Typical itineraries from Galveston run from 4 to 7 nights and may include stops in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Grand Cayman, Honduras, Belize, Key West or Jamaica.

One point of interest is Seawolf Park. Housed here is the USS Cavalla, SSK-244, a WWII Gato class submarine, who gained fame by sinking the Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku, which had earlier participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Destroyer Escort USS Stewart, DE-238, is also on display. Both ships are easily visible in the satellite photo, if you zoom in close. For those interested in US Navy history, a visit here may be in order before or after your cruise from Galveston.

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