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Pendleton Golf Course, Ladysmith, VA

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This map shows the golf cart path (in yellow) along the Pendleton Golf Course in Ladysmith, VA. The white track shows the road from Route 1 to the Clubhouse.

I golfed here on October 20, 2006, and turned on my Garmin GPS V to record a track point along the cart path every 0.01 miles, or about 53 feet.

In April 2007, I returned to the course to record the path of the road back to the clubhouse. Eventually, the Google map data will be updated to show this new subdivision.

It is interesting to note that the golf cart track starts at the tee of the 13th hole, and ends at the green of the 12th hole. This is because it was a tournament with a shotgun start.

Some day when the Google Map data is updated, it will be interesting to see how the cart path fits in with the course.

Update: In early March 2008, Google updated their satellite imagery of the greater Fredericksburg area. You can now see the golf course as it lies among the path taken by my golf cart.

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