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Tour Boat Cruise from Reedville, VA to Tangier Island

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Tangier Island sits almost exactly in the center of the Chesapeake Bay, and is often described as the soft shell crab capital of the world. Originally settled in 1686, the island is still heavily populated with descendants of those early fishermen. In fact, while on the island you will hear a distinct Elizabethan accent, remnant from those ancient British roots.

During the warmer months, a tour boat makes regular day trips from Reedville, VA out to the island and back. Most visitors eat lunch at Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House, a family style restaurant which serves up fresh crab cakes, clam fritters, Virginia ham, vegetables, rolls and pound cake for dessert! After lunch, several golf-cart type vehicles wait to give you an optional tour of the island.

Tangier Island is a cultural treasure. I recommend the trip at least once.

For this map, I used my Garmin GPS V to record our track on the water. When we arrived, I forgot to turn off the track for a few minutes as we walked toward the restaurant! The trip was taken October 10, 2006.

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