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Version Release Date Changes
4.18 7/6/2011 Update rates for Royal Caribbean and Princess.
4.17 3/28/2010 Update rates for Crystal; updated links.
4.16 1/25/2009 Update rates for Oceania; fix pesky bug related to Crystal singles.
4.15 1/17/2009 Update Celebrity to reflect automatic tipping, new rates and Aqua class.
4.14 1/4/2009 Update Holland America, NCL and Princess. Add links.
4.13 7/18/2008 Update Disney recommendations. DCL finally goes to a standard per person / per day format.
4.12 5/4/2007 Added new Azamara cruise line to the calculator.
4.11 3/6/2007 Added Tools directory with various resources helpful to cruisers.
4.10 11/18/2006 Added a link on the main page to Theron's Albums.
4.09 8/27/2006 Added a pop-up for Disney to explain the approximation of their tip amounts.
Added a link to the new Cruise Maps directory.
4.08 7/18/2006 Added XML/RSS/Feed icons to main page to let folks know they can subscribe to change notices with their feed readers.
4.07 7/16/2006 Added RSS feed.xml file. Users of RSS feed readers may now subscribe to be notified of updates to the Cruise Tip Calculator.
4.06 7/14/2006 Added sub-title and sub-header to main page.
4.05 7/12/2006 Darkened color scheme a little. Added Dreamhost referral and suitability text.
4.04 7/02/2006 Add StatCounter
4.03 6/30/2006 Added search utility to all pages.
4.02 6/24/2006 Palette tweaking. Rename History page to Version Release Notes. Add margin advice to Instructions.
4.01 6/23/2006 Ok, gonna give this Google thing a try.
4.00 6/20/2006 Reformatted Instructions and About/Why/Who pages. Added System Recommendations and link for how to enable javascript to Instructions. Fixed oversight of Day/Night change in help link.
3.03 6/19/2006 Change length of cruise label from "Days" to "Nights" to reduce confusion on how many you tip for.
3.02 6/11/2006 Internal update.
3.01 2/17/2006 Added entries for Cunard and Cunard - Grill.
3.00 2/16/2006 Split out sections for traditional tipping and service charges. Moved a couple extisting cruise lines, and also added several new cruise lines to the service charge section.
2.20 10/21/2005 Rehosted on! Had to change some counter code.
2.11 6/8/2005 Changed the confusing "Transfer" text link to a button. Much better.
2.1 6/8/2005 Added "decrement" and "round up" functions to the Actual Tip column, to finally allow for keyboard-free usage of the calculator.
2.03 2/19/2005 Fixed a couple BUGS concerning orphaned actual amounts and Crystal non-recommended staff positions.
2.02 2/7/2005 Added Links page.
Added Transfer function to move Suggested tips to Actual tips column.
2.01 2/1/2005 Updated Princess breakouts.
Added singles rate to Crystal and Crystal Penthouse.
2.00 1/29/2005 Major revision. Changed cruise line selection to radio buttons.
Replaced ugly buttons with links, and rearranged some of them.
Updated several of the help texts.
1.16 10/14/2004 Added Celebrity CC (Concierge Class) button. Updated Celebrity Chief Housekeeper tip to 0.75. Removed pop-up for RCCL Suite Attendant increase. Sadly, removed SS Norway from the calculator.
1.15 6/6/2004 Added new button for Royal Caribbean Suites based on reports from several passengers and RCCL that new tipping recommendations are being put in place for Suite Attendants.
1.14 2/28/2004 Adjusted Carnival pre-set to reflect new tipping structure.
1.13 1/4/2004 Added Example button to show typical usage.
1.12 12/9/2003 Added suggested amount for RCCL Headwaiter position.
Note 6/25/2003 Sometime early this morning reached the 10,000th hit!
1.11 6/24/2003 Added checkbox for calculating childrens tips. Automatically select checkbox based on cruise line.
Note 6/1/2003 Sometime over the weekend, my AOL counter spontaneously reset itself. I lost about 8,100 "hits" in the counter.
1.10 2/22/2003 Added pre-set for SS Norway.
1.9 2/21/2003 Added pop-up for "Days" vs. "Nights".
1.8 2/12/2003 Added Version History page.
1.7 2/2/2003 Remove Princess Suite, since no Butler Service exists any more.
1.6 1/2/2003 Added more text for children and for suitability of use.
1.5 12/28/2002 Added link to e-mail address.
1.4 11/16/2002 Added checkbox for optional use of $50 bills.
1.3 11/13/2002 Added Crystal and Crystal Penthouse pre-set
Added Custom pre-set
1.2 11/12/2002 Highlight Actual Tip header.
Round Actual Tip up to next highest dollar.
Enhance help links.
1.1 11/11/2002 Perform calculations on load/reload.
Recalculate after selection of cruise line. Avoids "orphaned tips".
Truncate fractions from Days/Adults/Children

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