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This web page will help you prepare the contents of your tipping envelopes in preparation for your upcoming cruise.

It will total the number of bills of each denomination you will need for all of your tips.

Javascript MUST be enabled for this web page to work! If the calculator seems to be a dud, check here for instructions on how to enable Javascript for your particular browser.

This web page is provided "as is" and no guarantees are provided concerning its accuracy or suitability for any purpose.

This web page and Javascript file are Copyright 2002 - 2011 by Theron P. Keller Version 4.18, released July 6, 2011.

On my first cruise, it took me way too long to figure out exactly how many of each bill I needed, and then I had to scramble to FIND the exact number of bills to put in each envelope!

This web page is here to help you calculate the bills you will need for each tipping envelope as well as the total number of each denomination, so your tip preparation will be almost effortless!

You may prepare your envelopes before you leave, and of course very easily adjust your tip amount up or down as you see fit at the end of the cruise. I find it handy to print out the page at the end of my calculations and adjustments, and take the whole printout down to the bank and ask for the total number of bills. Just be careful the teller understands you are taking money from your account, and not trying to rob the bank!

I took my first cruise on Celebrity's Century in September/October 2002. I followed the published guidelines very carefully as a basis from which to decide how much to tip.

After spending an unacceptable length of time (hey, I'm on a cruise, anything over 10 minutes taking care of this sort of thing is unacceptable!) trying to sort out envelopes and tens and twenties and blah blah blah, the computer geek in me took over and I realized that this process was just screaming for some automation.

My first cut was to design a to do this function. It works, but of course, not everyone has just sitting around, and as several people pointed out, if you could figure out how to use the , you probably didn't need it to figure out the tips.

So that brings us here... a Javascript web site which does the calculations for you! This is my first exercise in writing a Javascript web page. It's certainly an interesting and handy tool.

In October 2005, I rehosted the site from an AOL username to its own subdomain, cruisetip.tpkeller.com. This offers much more flexibility and space for future enhancements.

In July 2006, Added RSS feed to allow users to subscribe to change notices with their feed readers.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to e-mail them to me at TPKeller@rocketmail.com. I try to answer all e-mails.

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